Kore Krav Maga
A Personal Defense Industries Training Center
Self-Defense Foundations: The Kore Training Course
Begins May 22nd, 2017
3 Mondays - that's it.
Do Today What Others Don't
Tomorrow You Will Do What Others Can't
Set the bar high enough you have to reach-
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The Kore Training Bootcamp Course.
3 Nights + Free Training = Safety, Confidence, Fitness
From: May 22 - June 12
(no class on Memorial Day)
Time: 6:30 - 8:30 pm
Cost: 150.00
family discount - 2nd + registrations 50% 0ff*


sign-up to a membership at the end of the course
& earn a discount of the registration fee
* for discounts applied to additional family members registering for the bootcamp - please call 571-291-5084. We will enroll you over the phone or create an E-Invoice to be emailed.
Our program is unparalleled. We integrate the best mental, physical and tactical curriculum available to the civilian community. Here's how we do that:
  • Krav Maga Global (KMG) Certified Program
  • Expert Krav Maga Certified Chief Instructor Trained in Israel
  • KMG Certified Instructor Cadre
  • Rory Miller, Chiron Training Integrated Curriculum
  • Training designed to work with all skill levels (including the most beginning beginner)
  • Training designed to work with nearly all fitness levels
  • Staff include law enforcement professionals, certified fitness professionals, Violence Dynamics Subject Matter Experts, and our owner is a 25 + year mental health professional with extensive experience in violence and trauma

Get your training started with the Foundations Course. Then register for our no-contract training membership and get a special discount for signing up at the end of the course.

Hesitating? The Time To Get Started Is Now
New research tells us complex movement activity
  • improves cognitive problem solving
  • reduces cognitive & physical stress
  • rewires the brain in a unique (positive) way
Research shows people who train in self-defense
  • are targeted less often for criminal action (men & women)
  • enjoy higher quality of life
  • experience less stress on a daily basis