Kore Self-Defense &
Krav Maga
A Personal Defense Industries Training Center
Self-Defense Foundations: The Kore Onboarding Course
January 27th - One Day - One Course - 4 Hours
(next course - March 2018)
The world is getting crazier - train to live above it. 
Sign up for the January 27th Onboarding and train for the rest of the month at No Cost!
Set the bar high enough you have to reach-
Date: January 27th
Time: 10:00 am -2:00 pm
Cost: 150.00
family discount - 2nd + registrations 50% 0ff*
LEO/Military/Teachers 15% Registration & Memberships
Statistics show trained people are less often targeted for criminal action.
Training changes how you move, how you think, and how you see the world. Reduce your chances of being a target.
-Be your own hero-


And hear from a current member about our tribe-
My family has been with Kore for about a year. We have two college bound girls and the experience in real world self defense is an absolutely critical step in preparing them. The staff at Kore spends equal time teaching the physical skills of self defense as well as how to avoid situations where they will be needed at all. My family is learning these critical life skills from coaches & instructors who are constantly seeking out the most current philosophies on avoiding and surviving violent conflicts from experts in multiple disciplines all over the world. Their patience and unmistakable relate-ability make training mentally and physically accessible in a way I have not found elsewhere. Training the students and teaching these skills is incredibly personal to them. We will be with them a long time. - C. Fielding
* for discounts applied to additional family members registering for foundations course - please call 571-291-5084. We will enroll you over the phone or create an E-Invoice to be emailed. If you prefer to email for the discount, please contact us at: andi@korekravmaga.com
Our program is unparalleled. We integrate the best mental, physical and tactical curriculum available to the civilian community. Here's how we do that:
  • Krav Maga Global (KMG) Affiliated Program
  • Expert Krav Maga Certified Chief Instructor Trained in Israel
  • KMG Certified Instructor Cadre
  • Rory Miller, Chiron Training Integrated Curriculum
  • Training designed to work with all skill levels (including the most beginning beginner)
  • Training designed to work with nearly all fitness levels
  • Staff include law enforcement professionals, certified fitness professionals, Violence Dynamics Subject Matter Experts, and our owner is a 25 + year mental health professional with extensive experience in violence and trauma

Get your training started with the Foundations Course. Then register for our no-contract training membership and get a special discount for signing up at the end of the course.

Hesitating? Here's a bit more info to help you think about it:
New research tells us complex movement activity
  • improves cognitive problem solving
  • reduces cognitive & physical stress
  • rewires the brain in a unique (positive) way
  • improves reaction time
  • improves general eye+hand coordination
  • increases immune system